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Divorce Case Study

Type of Case

Client’s Background

Husband hired me in a contested divorce with three children.  Custody was contested as well.

The Client’s Specific Challenges

There was nothing amicable about this case.  The wife, just to hurt the husband, let it be known during the litigation, (for the first time), that he was not the Father of one of the children.  Wife asked that he be given no visitation with that child.  Father had bonded with the child and loved the child just the same as the other two.  It was cruel not only to the Father, but also to the child.


Husband desired to keep his three children together as siblings, including the child that was not his.  He desired that the child never know.  We thought there was no reason for the child ever to know – other than the Wife’s insanity…hurting her own child to get at her husband.


The wife was a greedy, small person.  So, I appealed to her evil nature.  I offered to pay her child support and provide health insurance for all three of the children, not just two.  She accepted.  We imposed a permanent gag order upon her and we did on an agreed adoption of the third, illegitimate child.  We provided that the records of the adoption would be sealed and treble damages for any party revealing any of the details of the litigation.


Husband ended up getting to have a good, close relationship with his three children.  We sat up the visitation so he did not have to interact with the ex-wife.  The permanent injunctions had enough teeth in them to keep her from running her mouth and to keep her in line.