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Grandparents Rights Lawyer

Conflict With Grandparents

Sometimes grandparents and parents just cannot get along. It does not matter whose fault it is. The children must be placed first, above the conflict. Conflict is no reason to deny a child a relationship with his grandparents.

There is history of the family that can be learned. There are old fashioned values that may be instilled. There are skills parents may not have that can be taught. For example, gardening, baking, playing a musical instrument, or woodworking.

Unfit Grandparents

Now, on the other hand, there may be grandparents that, for whatever reason, are unfit to have a relationship with the children. For example, the grand-parent may have a drug or alcohol addiction, may be abusive, may be a criminal, or some other problem that endangers the children.

Rita Boyd can help you sort out the issues relating to grandparents rights.

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