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Why You Need A Lawyer : Child Custody Lawyer - Dallas Divorce Lawyer

Why You Need A Lawyer : Child Custody Lawyer

The Children

If you are being sued for divorce, your entire life will change; but, more importantly, your children’s lives are being completely torn apart. They don’t understand. The first, and most important decision is which lawyer you choose. You need someone who will listen and put your priorities first. You may not get to see your children as much as you like. What are you going to do if your spouse moves across the country without your knowledge or consent? Your spouse may be alienating your children by making negative remarks about you, (parental alienation). Your spouse may be moving in a paramour to take your place. You don’t want any of these things to happen! You need a lawyer who can control the situation through the legal system and customize remedies for your situation.

The Money

Let’s not forget the money. You may not end up with the assets you wanted for you and or your children’s futures. There are a multitude of arguments that can be made, experts who can be hired and tactics available to win you more than half of the community estate. Yes, that’s right. It is not automatically a 50/50 cut. Depending on the Court you are assigned and the lawyer you hire, you may be able to come out further ahead.

Tension & Stress

You need an attorney to take the load off your back.

Rita Boyd can handle the communication between the various parties relieving you of the burden and day to day conflict. Remember, it’s your life thats’s being torn apart too. Life goes on, you have responsibilities you must continue meet. The burden of the constant bickering, harassment, and surveillance is more than many choose to handle. Think about the effect on you, your job and your children. 

In the end, the most important question is: CAN YOU HUG YOUR CHILD TODAY?

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