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Dallas Paternity Lawyer | Father’s Rights Lawyer

Paternity comes into play when a child is born to parents who are not married. A lawsuit must be filed in order to legally establish the parent-child relationship between Father and child. Merely being on the birth certificate is not sufficient.

Importance of Paternity for Father and Child

It is important for both the Father and for the child. For the child, there may be a stigma attached to the child being born outside of marriage and the child not having the Father’s last name. In cases where the Father is absent, studies have shown it has a dramatic negative effect on the child. Incidences of substance abuse, crime, alcoholism and suicide are dramatically higher in children from Fatherless homes. Therefore, as a Mother, you will want to establish that parent-child relationship early on, if at all possible.

For the Father, establishing the parent-child relationship is key to protecting your rights as a parent. If the Father and Mother have a falling out and the Mother refuses to allow the Father to see the children, there is nothing the police nor anyone else can do to help you unless and until you establish paternity. So, it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

Financial Benefits of Establishing Paternity

Financial benefits also flow from establishing paternity:

Child Support Receipt
Health Insurance Coverage
Enforcement of your Rights – Jail time, Contempt of Court
Enforcement of your Rights via Police and Criminal Charges

Veteran Survivor Benefits
Social Security Benefits
Claiming the Child on your Federal Income Tax Return
Government Benefits: AFDC, WIC, SNAP
Employment Benefits
Right for you to Inherit from the Child
Right for the Child to Inherit from You

DNA Test

When we go through your paternity suit, we can request a DNA test if there is any doubt in your mind. Please come in and see me if you have any questions about paternity. In addition, there are some presumptions that arise that may apply in your case. We can discuss them at our consultation.

Contact Dallas Paternity Lawyer Rita Boyd

Whatever the particular aspects of your paternity case are, it is my hope that you will call me. I am an experienced paternity lawyer and can help you. Call me right now at 972-380-8000, and make an appointment to come in and discuss your questions about paternity. Together we can!  You can also email me.

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