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Candid Insight Into Family Law: Dallas Family Attorney

States Vary In Laws

Often times I am asked about exactly what I do in the practice of Family Law. The first question is usually “What is Family Law?” The next would be “What does it consists of?” The challenging practice of family law is different in every state but in general may be defined as the area of the law that includes the legal issues a family faces when divorce or custody issues are involved.

That is a very broad statement, and due to the nature of the practice of Family Law in Texas; is a topic best discussed in person with particular attention to your specific needs for a better understanding. You may often hear me say that after all is said and done, what really matters is can you say you have hugged your child today. That is really the bottom line isn’t it?

What Does Family Law Include

Family law is a practice that may include:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Division Of Assets & Liabilities After Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Termination Of Parental Rights
  • Paternity
  • Dependency & Child Neglect
  • Protection From Abuse

These particular challenges of course are strictly determined by the law, and judges have the final say after all is said in done.

What Do I Like About Practicing in the area of Family Law?

A third question I am asked on a regular basis is “What do I like about practicing in the area of family law?” In family law, I have an opportunity to be more than a lawyer assessing and advising a client on their legal rights. It is my chance to provide counsel, and assist you through one of the most stressful experiences in life. It is very rewarding to know you have helped someone through such a difficult time. While there are certainly challenges in the practice of what I love to do, it can be especially challenging when one or both parties are set on making the process as difficult as possible. It is always nice to know that whatever the challenge is with your particular case, we will go through it together. Many times just knowing that is enough to make a difference in an otherwise difficult case.

Each case is different. Each client is an opportunity to step in and find out what’s best for the parties concerned. Nothing is set in stone. There are no typical tasks, either. Each day brings a new issue from one of my clients that must be resolved. That could be from a missed custody exchange, missed child support payment, or a dispute about how to handle custody over a holiday, to one party taking money out of a joint account without permission or knowledge. These types of challenges mean finding a way to resolve them in an equitable manner with what the law prescribes.

Attorneys from all walks of the legal system are very special indeed and must have gifts that can be used to help others. While new issues arise daily, the daily drama of life can sometimes appear on the surface to be overwhelming; don’t forget that we are here to help you with your family issue.

Generally I spend my day returning phone calls, negotiating small issues, drafting correspondence, preparing pleadings for court and going to court for hearings and motions. It is quite common in family law to spend a fair amount of time in court for hearings ranging from ten minutes to two hours in length. Occasionally you have trials that can last several days or even months with extenuating circumstances.

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