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I adore doing adoptions.  The happiest lawsuit a lawyer can do.  

Texas 2 Step Adoption Process

In Texas, it is a two step process.  First, we must terminate the parent-child relationship and then the child is eligible to be adopted by the prospective adoptive parents.  Then, the adoption lawsuit may proceed and is ruled upon by the Judge.

It takes a little time to go through the process.  The Legislature has passed a series of laws that provide many hoops for us to jump through before the Judge may grant your adoption.  For instance, a home study must be prepared and filed with the Court.  Depending on the size of your County and the backlog because of Covid, this may be the lengthiest part of the process.

In the meantime, we can be working on the other requirements.  We will have to obtain your criminal history report from Austin.  

Attorney For Child and Home Interview

An attorney must be appointed for the child.  This attorney is required to come to your home and interview you and the child.  

It is not an unsurmountable process.  It just takes patience and time.  I am an experienced adoption lawyer in the Dallas area and would be pleased to help you with your adoption.  Please come in for a consultation and tell me the facts of the case.  There are different requirements depending on different scenarios, for example, if it is a stepparent adoption.  Or, if the parent is deceased. 

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