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The divorce process can be stressful for everyone involved. If you have minor children, issues related to child custody, visitation, and child support will need to be resolved during your divorce. In addition, the marital property will need to be divided and alimony may be requested by one party. Even after your divorce is finalized you may find yourself back in court for a divorce modification. Dallas Divorce Attorney Rita M. Boyd is committed to making your divorce as simple and straightforward as possible while protecting your rights and interests throughout the process. 


Child Custody

Child Support

Divorce Modifications


Property and Alimony


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is aimed at helping the parties to litigation avoid the need for a trial. A mediator is a neutral third party, usually an attorney, who has completed specialized training. That training helps the mediator bring the parties together with the goal of negotiating an out of court resolution. Mediation may be court-ordered or requested by the parties and may be useful in a variety of types of litigation, including divorce, contract disputes, and other civil matters. Divorce Mediation Attorney Rita M. Boyd has been a certified divorce mediator since 1992 and is committed to helping you reach an amicable agreement in your divorce.


Mediation: What and Why

Wills and Probate

If you have yet to execute a Last Will and Testament, there is no time like the present to get started. Having a Will in place ensures that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after you are gone. If you are a parent, it also affords you the only official opportunity you have to nominate a legal guardian for your children in the event one is ever needed. You will also appoint an Executor in your Will to oversee the probate of your estate. Probate is the legal process that identifies, values, and distributes your assets after your death. Attorney Rita M. Boyd can assist you in the drafting and execution of your Last Will and Testament to ensure that is accurately reflects your wishes and that it will be accepted by the court during probate. If you are the Executor of an estate, Dallas Probate Attorney Rita M. Boyd can also help you navigate the often-complex probate process to avoid costly mistakes. 



Family Law

Few areas of the law evoke the heightened emotions that family law matters often do. Adoption brings with it the joy found in creating a new family or expanding an existing one. A paternity case can be stressful for both parties while the pursuit of grandparents rights is typically only necessary when discord exists among the family members. Although more commonly accepted than they once were, a request to enter into a prenuptial agreement can elicit a range of negative emotions while the need for a protective order is indicative of fear on the part of the party requesting the protection. The legal system can be difficult enough to navigate without such strong emotions. Doing so when the need arises because you are involved in a family law matter can be considerably more challenging. Dallas Family Law Attorney Rita M. Boyd has extensive experience with family law matters and is dedicated to protecting you and your rights.

Protective Orders



Grandparents Rights

Prenuptial Agreements